About me.

The Macbride Raptor Project or “MRP” is a nonprofit organization devoted to the preservation of Iowa’s raptors and their natural habitats.  The MRP achieve its goals through the rehabilitation of sick and injured raptors, educational programs for the public, and field research of Iowa’s native birds of prey.

I have been working as an owl feeder at the Macbride Raptor Project in Solon, Iowa, since December 2006.  I began volunteering there as an owl feeder with my objective being to one day work with the injured birds in the flight cage who need to be rehabilitated.  Feeding the owls every Thursday evening – rain, snow, heat, and shine – has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience, but rehabbing was my ultimate goal.

On May 1, 2008, everything I’ve worked toward since that first cold night in December came to fruition as I stepped into the flight cage and worked with my first rehab bird.  Here, I will chronicle my journey into the role of Wildlife Rehabilitator.

GOAL!  Here I am at my first hawk release.  It’s my “Queen of Birds” portrait:

Photo by Julie Staub.

Photo by Julie Staub.

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